ClayKat Ceramics is dedicated in loving memory to my cat Isis whom passed away in 2014. Her face smiles back at me with each new piece I lovingly stamp.

I hope ClayKat Ceramics brings you a snippet of the joy I gained having her in my life for 19 years. Each piece has a mind of it's own and is inspired by pieces of me or the things I love... whether the blush of my skin, "freckles" in the speckled clay, the ever changing green of my eyes, the forests I love, or the plethora of blues from the oceans and sky!

I hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Kat

To see what I do when I'm not at the pottery wheel, visit www.katteutsch.com. I am a food/stills and interiors photographer shooting for national magazine publications and advertisers. 

I also foster animals, bottle feed neonatal orphan kittens, have worked with over half a dozen rescues in NYC, and volunteer at Austin Pet's Alive in the neonatal unit. I hope to bring @caymanthekitten so we can start fostering little ones again that he can watch over and help grow...