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Claykat Ceramics

Blue Lagoon Plate

Blue Lagoon Plate

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The plates in this collection draw inspiration from the stunning bodies of water found in Oregon and Washington state. They reflect your cherished memories of spending summers hiking and camping through iconic locations such as the Redwoods, the Oregon Coast, and the Olympic Peninsula.

Each plate is wheel-thrown using speckled clay, providing a unique and textured base. The plates are then finished with a blue-green hi-sheen glaze, reminiscent of the shimmering waters you encountered during your adventures.

The plates come in various sizes, ranging from 6.25 to 9 inches in diameter, with a height between 1 to 1.5 inches. This size range offers versatility for serving various dishes or using the plates for decorative purposes.

To maintain the longevity of the glaze and the quality of the plates, it is recommended to handwash them. Handwashing ensures careful handling and preserves the beauty of the design.

These plates serve as a reminder of the natural beauty and cherished memories you experienced while exploring the Redwoods, Oregon Coast, and Olympic Peninsula.

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