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Claykat Ceramics

Dark Forest Plate

Dark Forest Plate

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The Dark Forest Collection is inspired by the enchanting ambiance of the Redwoods National Forest. Each piece in this collection captures the essence of the majestic forest, bringing a touch of its beauty into your home.

This particular piece is a wheel-thrown plate made from dark chocolate clay. The plate is adorned with a matte satin green/black glaze, which further evokes the lush foliage and the interplay of light and shadow within the forest.

Measuring 9 inches in diameter, this plate is a versatile addition to your tableware collection. It can be used for serving salads, side dishes, or as a decorative centerpiece. Due to the handmade nature of the wheel-thrown process, each plate will have its own unique glaze pattern, making it truly one of a kind.

The Dark Forest plate is designed to be both dishwasher and food safe, ensuring convenience and practicality. However, to preserve the longevity of the glaze and the handcrafted clay, it is recommended to hand wash the bowl.

Whether you're enjoying a meal with loved ones or simply using it as a decorative piece, the Dark Forest bowl will transport you to the serene atmosphere of the Redwoods National Forest. Its captivating glaze and earthy dark chocolate clay will infuse your dining experience with the natural beauty of the forest.

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