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Turquoise oceanic Platter 2

Turquoise oceanic Platter 2

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This collection is inspired by the various bodies of water I've traveled to, including the Bahamas, the glacial waters of Canada, and the pools of my childhood. Each piece in this collection features a turquoise matte unique glaze pattern on speckled stoneware, evoking the beauty and tranquility of water.

Measuring a little over 14 inches in width and 9 inches in height, the piece offers a generous size that makes it suitable for various uses. It can serve as a decorative centerpiece on a table or as a versatile serving platter for a variety of dishes. The unique glaze pattern adds an element of visual interest and makes each piece in the collection truly one of a kind.

The turquoise matte glaze, with its soothing and serene appearance, beautifully complements the speckled stoneware. The combination of the glaze and stoneware creates a tactile and visually appealing texture, reminiscent of the bodies of water that inspired this collection. The variation in the glaze pattern adds to the organic and natural aesthetic of the piece.

For your convenience, this piece is both dishwasher and food safe, allowing for easy cleaning and safe usage. You can confidently use it to serve food or display culinary creations. However, to preserve the longevity of the unique glaze pattern and maintain its stunning appearance, hand washing is recommended. Hand washing ensures that the glaze remains intact and protected from any potential damage that may occur in the dishwasher.

Overall, the collection of turquoise matte glazed pieces on speckled stoneware captures the essence of the bodies of water I've traveled to. With their unique glaze patterns and tactile texture, these pieces add a touch of tranquility and beauty to your table setting or home decor. Whether used for serving or as decorative accents, they serve as reminders of the serene waters that have left an indelible mark on your journeys

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