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Satin white cheese Plate

Satin white cheese Plate

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The inspiration from pure white snow has resulted in a beautiful collection. This cheese board is hand built from porcelain and adorned with a satin white glaze, capturing the essence of pristine snow.

Measuring 9.5 inches in diameter, this cheese board provides ample space for arranging and serving a variety of cheeses, fruits, and other accompaniments. The smooth and elegant porcelain surface, combined with the satin white glaze, creates a striking visual appeal that resembles the glistening beauty of freshly fallen snow.

For your convenience, this cheese board is both dishwasher and food safe, ensuring easy cleaning and safe usage. You can confidently use it to present your favorite cheeses and other delectable treats, knowing that it meets the necessary safety standards. However, to preserve the longevity of the satin glaze and maintain its beautiful finish, hand washing is recommended. Hand washing helps protect the glaze from potential damage that may occur in the dishwasher, ensuring that the cheese board retains its original charm over time.

Please note that the bowl depicted in the description is not included with the cheese board. It is solely intended to showcase the recommended use and serving suggestions.

The satin white-glazed porcelain hand built cheese board inspired by pure white snow not only serves as a functional piece for serving cheese but also adds an elegant touch to your table setting. It captures the beauty and serenity of snowy landscapes, creating a serene and refined atmosphere. Whether used for hosting gatherings or as a decorative piece, this cheese board will surely impress your guests and elevate your culinary presentations.

In summary, the collection of satin white-glazed porcelain hand built cheese boards draws inspiration from pure white snow. These cheese boards, with their exquisite design and elegant glaze, offer a stunning backdrop for displaying and serving a variety of cheeses. They bring the essence of a winter wonderland to your table and enhance the dining experience with their timeless beauty and functionality.

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