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Claykat Ceramics

Satin white salad/desert Plate

Satin white salad/desert Plate

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This exquisite plate is inspired by the delicate beauty of Queen Anne's lace found in the scenic Catskills of New York. It features a satin white glaze that covers the majority of the plate, creating a clean and elegant look. The rim of the plate is left unglazed, showcasing the natural beauty of the speckled clay.

Measuring 7.5 inches in diameter, this plate is the perfect size for serving individual meals, appetizers, or desserts. Its versatile design allows it to complement various table settings and styles, adding a touch of charm and sophistication to any occasion.

You'll be delighted to know that this plate is both dishwasher and food safe, making clean-up a breeze and ensuring safe usage for serving your favorite meals. However, to preserve the longevity of the glaze and the delicate details of the speckled clay rim, it is recommended to hand wash the plate. Hand washing provides gentle care and helps maintain the original beauty of the piece over time.

The combination of the satin white glaze and the naked speckled clay rim captures the essence of Queen Anne's lace and the serene beauty of the Catskills. This plate is not only a functional piece for serving meals but also a work of art that can be displayed or used as a decorative accent.

In summary, this handcrafted plate is inspired by Queen Anne's lace in the Catskills and features a satin white glaze with a naked speckled clay rim. With its 7.5-inch diameter, it is versatile and practical for serving various dishes. While dishwasher and food safe, it is recommended to hand wash the plate to maintain its delicate features. This plate adds a touch of natural elegance to your dining experience and captures the essence of the picturesque Catskills.

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