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Claykat Ceramics

Storm gray Bowl

Storm gray Bowl

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These stunning bowls draws inspiration from the captivating sky during a thunderstorm while gazing out at the ocean in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Crafted with care, these bowls feature gray glazes on dark chocolate clay, creating a unique and visually appealing texture.

Measuring 7 inches in diameter.. Its striking design captures the essence of the stormy sky and the vastness of the ocean, evoking a sense of awe and tranquility.

These bowls are dishwasher and food safe for your convenience.

In summary, these bowls inspired by the stormy sky and ocean in Cannon Beach, Oregon, showcases a layered combination of two gray glazes on dark clay clay.  They serve as a striking decorative piece that adds charm and elegance to your home or a beautiful desert or appetizer dish. With its dishwasher-safe feature and the recommendation of handwashing for optimal care, these bowls offers convenience and versatility in its usage.

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