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Turquoise waters Dish

Turquoise waters Dish

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This decorative dish draws inspiration from the various bodies of water I have encountered in my travels, including the Bahamas, the glacial waters of Canada, and the pool of my childhood. Crafted with care, this dish showcases a captivating matte turquoise glaze on speckled clay, combining a serene color with natural texture.

Measuring 6 1/4 inches in diameter and 1 1/2 inches tall, this dish is perfectly sized for displaying small decorative items or serving small portions of food. Its unique hand-built construction adds an artisanal touch to the piece, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

You'll be pleased to know that this dish is both dishwasher and food safe, allowing for easy cleaning and safe usage. However, to preserve its longevity and the integrity of the glaze, it is recommended to hand wash the dish. Hand washing ensures that the dish retains its original beauty and finish over time.

The decorative matte turquoise speckled clay hand-built dish serves as a versatile and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home decor. It can be used as a centerpiece, a catch-all dish for small items, or even as a serving dish for appetizers or desserts. Its vibrant turquoise color and unique texture evoke the calming and refreshing qualities of water, bringing a touch of tranquility and natural beauty to your living space.

In summary, this decorative dish is inspired by the captivating bodies of water I have encountered in your travels. With its matte turquoise glaze on speckled clay, it offers a visually appealing and unique design. Dishwasher and food safe, it provides convenience in cleaning and usage, while hand washing is recommended for long-lasting beauty. Whether used for decorative purposes or serving small portions, this dish adds a touch of serenity and coastal charm to your home.

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